Hello Knit.

Finally, you can quickly and easily consolidate your consumer Drive content in your Google for Work account.

Consolidate Your Consumer Drive Content


Consumer Drive in the Workplace

Many Teams start their collaborative journey using Consumer Google Drive. Once your Team moves to Google for Work, getting those existing files in to your Work Google Drive can be challenging. Let Knit help make the move easier.

Knit Consolidates Your Files.

Knit is a lightweight application that consolidates your files from one or multiple accounts to a single Google for Work account. With Knit, you can put all of your files and folders in one place, and simply work from that single account moving forward. Knit does this without changing your links or blocking collaborators, simply by sharing every file with the new account and reorganizing to match your prior folder structure.


Using Knit is Easy

To use Knit, you’ll just need the ability to log into Google Drive on both the original Google accounts, as well as the destination Google account. You can start by logging into the original account, and going to the Knit App link. You’ll be prompted to get started.

Watch Knit Consolidate Your Files

Once you give the Knit App access to your original Google Drive account, you can watch as Knit processes through your files and folders. It will display on screen a running total of files processed, and you’ll see any failures along the way. In the background, Knit is adding your new Work account to every files ACL.


Finish Organizing and You’re Done

After Knit has finished will all of your files, you’ll be prompted to login to the destination account. Knit will take your files and folders, and recreate the hierarchy of the original account in the new Work account. Everything should be in its place. When complete, Knit will give you a final output of any files that couldn’t be consolidated, usually for permissions reasons.