You don’t have to go at it alone.

Managed Cloud: Growth

Growth Package

Improve through technology.

Our team gains an understanding of your growth objectives and builds a plan around technology to help you get there. Taken as a succession of small, measured steps, our Growth package gives your business the platform to improve through technology.

Our Approach

Phase 1: Discovery & Proof-of-Concept

Conduct a discovery session to gain an understanding of your goals, and hold a KPI workshop to collect baseline.

Phase 2: Proposal & Agreement

Construct a monthly plan for your business, based on information collected from the alignment session.

Phase 3: Execute

Maintain a pulse on the existing technology usage within the business, but keep abreast of the innovations and watchpoints within your existing technology stack. Includes:

  • Assigned Technical Account Manager
  • Bi-weekly Touchpoints
  • Quarterly Workflow focus including documentation
  • Sector Technology Review
  • Quarterly Security Assessment
  • General Technology Consulting
  • Quarterly New Feature Review
  • Access to Wursta Engagement Portal
  • Tier-2 Support

‘Signature’ Corporate App

Add our ‘Signature App’ service to create a corporate app that meets your exact needs

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Our mission

To be a UK company that delivers the best e-commerce design services

See what we already achieved

Our core services

Web design & development

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UX services & UI design

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Company identity design

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E-mail marketing campaigns

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Social Media Marketing

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E-commerce websites

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