Develop a corporate culture of

continuous internal innovation.

Not Just Email

Google Cloud as a platform to drive innovation

Moving your business to Google Cloud should be just the beginning. Setting in motion a repeatable process that incites innovation across teams throughout your organization can foster a long term impact to your businesses bottom line. Let our team help guide your multi year business technology strategy.

Long Term Planning

Have a clear vision to drive long term innovation across your organization.


A methodology for Change

Adapting technology takes time and effort

Google Cloud brings a new way to work to the office. But collaboration and efficacy are steps on a journey, not guaranteed results. Our team brings years of experience, helping you identify and align business processes with the new technology in a structured, proven way. While other consulting firms might help you move platforms, our methodology extends well beyond moving your email. We believe true ROI begins when your teams adopt a better, more effective way of doing business, and our longer term approach helps guide you the process. 


Establish a culture of Innovation


Security & Cloud Risk Assessment

You’ve moved to Google Cloud. Gmail and Google Drive now house most of your enterprise data. But, have you taken the time to review your settings and ensure your configuration is both secure and aligned with your acceptable use policies? Our Security & Cloud Risk Assessment is designed to do just that.


Chrome & Video Conferencing

Chrome may be a great browser, but it’s also a growing enterprise platform. Take our structured approach to rolling out Chrome video conference units, Chromebox for Meetings, as well as Chrome laptops and desktops for certain business lines and kiosks.


Innovation Sprints

Your business might be using the cloud for their email, but are they really taking advantage of the real time collaboration available through the platform? Are there other integrations that can make your data more available across platforms to save time and money? Innovations Sprints uncover business impacts to bring true value to the organization.

What an Innovation Sprint Looks Like

Process Discovery

Your teams know what they do better than anyone else. A team kickoff, interviews, and demonstrations from various team members are part of the process as we build a heat-map of business processes that impact the day to day (and the bottom line).

Project Planning

Analysis, Cross-Function, & Business Impact

We know your teams don’t work in a vacuum. The second part of our innovation process involves identifying cross functional mappings for business processes. We also work to identify changes which will directly impact the business and we present these in a concise, impact-weighted way.


Adoption Strategy & Change Management

Once we identify impactful changes, our team works closely to implement these changes. Through detailed adoption planning, we can help you execute business process changes, not only helping your teams be more effective, but also encouraging further innovation.