Security & Cloud Risk Assessment

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Securing your Cloud environment, now more important than ever.


Secure your Google Environment

Working and sharing in Google is easy. Perhaps too easy. Any smart organization knows a security combination of proactive guard rails and reactive mitigation strategies lowers your overall risk of exposure. Google provides one of the most secure infrastructures in the world, but without the proper setup, your teams could still be at risk.

Protect your email content.

Gmail is powerful tool. Its mobile, reliable, and easy to use. With G Suite, you have the enterprise controls to add guard rails to your email, ensuring sensitive data isn’t passed without the appropriate security measures. Additionally, you can enable DKIM and other delivery tools to ensure your email traffic is known and safe. Our assessment can help identify gaps and make sure you are compliant.


Control your Google Drive.

Google Drive’s real time collaboration is a game changer for most organizations. However, the evolution of working differently has to be tied to new policy and controls. Are you ensuring sensitive data isn’t being shared externally? Have you adjusted you acceptable use policy to reflect the new tools. Our audit can help you understand your exposure today, and plan for tomorrows future.

Build a Mobile strategy.

Are you currently allowing your teams to use mobile devices unsecured? Did you know that you can use work profiles for Android? Securing your mobile fleet is an ever growing concern. As more of your users are conducting business on their phone or tablet, our audit process can help identify opportunities to ensure your business data is protected in any situation.


Authentication Strategy is a must.

Google provides one of the most secure authentication mechanisms of any cloud system. By leveraging Google as your identity provider and making policy of things like 2Factor or 2Step authentication, our team can help ensure you are protecting your accounts, and your data, from unintended exposure and loss. 

The Google Security & Cloud Risk Assessment is not your typical half day audit. Our team of security experts dig in to evaluate both your Google security stance, as well as your overall approach to technology security. We can help you adjust your Acceptable Use Policy, communicate changes to your users, and build a strong plan around possible breaches. In short, we will comprehensively audit and secure your Google Cloud environment.