Application development to extend the Google platform.

Why Application Development

G Suite is just the beginning

Wouldn’t it be great to have an application that fits your businesses exact workflow or need? Google for Work has a complex set of APIs and integration points to help businesses customize their experience. Our team has the experience to help create these business critical applications. We’ve even created a few of our own to get you started.

Wursta Business Innovation

Google Cloud Platform can help grow your business by generating business value through process improvement and optimization. 

How do I create business Value?

Google Cloud Platform Backend Components


Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a platform designed for building scalable web applications and mobile backends. It includes built-in services designed to scale your application automatically, allow for easy authentication, and store data in familiar NoSQL datastores. Google even manages your app’s availability, so there are no servers to deploy or maintain.


Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine is Google’s infrastructure virtualization platform. GCE delivers virtual machines across Google’s global infrastructure, enabling scaling from a single instance, to global, load-balanced computing. These virtual machines boot quickly, are available with multiple OS configurations, and can even be optimized for your specific needs.


Google Cloud Datastore

Google Cloud Datastore is a highly-scalable NoSQL database which automatically handles sharding and replication of your data. This provides highly available and durable databases which can scale automatically with your applications load. Additionally, it’s well integrated across the rest of Google’s Cloud Platform, being accessible from both Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine, as well as other parts of the platform.

Available Wursta Applications

Eskimo – Shared Team Folders in Drive

Remember the pre-Google Drive days of team shared drives? Do you miss the granularity of control offered by these shared drive? With Eskimo, you can now have shared accounts take ownership of any files in a particular folder. As users place more items in the folder, automatically save them from possible deletion by switching their ownership.


Knit – Consumer Drive Consolidation

Did you have a consumer Google Drive account before you moved to Google for Work? Still want to access those files, but tired of switching accounts? Use Knit to manage all your files from your Google for Work account. Knit allows you to share the entire contents of your consumer Google Drive account with your Google for Work Drive, including folders, so you can have a singular workspace, without changing your document links.


Spam Alert – Quarantine Summary for Gmail

When was the last time you lost a message to your Spam folder? With Spam Alert, your users can receive a daily email containing messages currently waiting in their Spam folder. Never miss a message again.


Custom Development Solutions

In addition to these add-on solutions, we offer custom development solutions on Google Cloud Platform. Many organizations have a large number of paper based processes and workflows which can easily be developed into easy-to-implement digital solutions. Let our team of experts help analyze your processes and make specific recommendations to help your business become more efficient.