Cloud Security

Managing the Risks of Innovation

Moving to the Cloud creates new challenges

Wursta Security Practices Secure your Cloud

Wursta methodologies focus on making your business innovation secure. G Suite is feature rich to ensure you have the capabilities to meet your regulatory and security compliance needs. We provide the roadmap and guidance you need to meet even the toughest regulations surrounding the Health Care Industry, Financial Services, Privacy and more.


Wursta Security Cloud Risk Management Services


Google Cloud Security Assessment

Sharing and collaboration within Google is easy… perhaps too easy. Google provides one of the most secure infrastructures in the world, but without the proper setup, your data could still be at risk. Our experts conduct the most comprehensive analysis to identify your security gaps, providing your business with a detailed roadmap to a secure Google Suite.


Enterprise Cloud Security and Compliance Assessment

Compliance driven organizations know that its not just about security. Success requires a mature security program that aligns the business with risk-driven policies and technical controls. Wursta combines our technical Google Cloud Security Assessment with our industry leading compliance assessment ensuring your G-Suite implementation meets the toughest regulatory standards for financial services, healthcare, privacy and more.


Continuous Security Compliance

G Suite provides many security controls throughout their products, however implementing them to meet the needs of the Enterprise can be challenging. We have established solutions for security monitoring, customized Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and the automation of user access creation and terminations in an automated fashion. Ask us how our custom scripts and development can help shrink overhead of security and protect your company better.

Google Cloud Security Assessment

The Wursta security team interrogates over 500 settings within G-Suite against Google Security guidelines and best practices. In addition, our experienced security team applies industry security frameworks and methodologies to further enhance your implementation of security settings. Every assessment evaluates;

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Secure Email and SPAM prevention
  • Drive and File access
  • Google Vault
  • Access control with two step verification
  • Many other protections

The Wursta Cloud Security Assessment is a complete evaluation of your G-Suite security.

Enterprise Cloud Security and Compliance Assessment

Regulatory compliance becomes very complex and scary when faced with auditors and regulatory bodies that can impose fines, and worse, close your business. Wursta Security and Compliance Assessment maps regulations and standards to your business needs, and identifies specific configuration settings and procedures for compliance in your enterprise. Your business can use G-Suite and maintain compliance with PCI, HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, Privacy and other regulations.

Continuous Cloud Security

Continuous Cloud Security

Maintaining your security is paramount in an ever-changing world. Google makes over a 100 changes a year to improve their services and your business needs to change and adapt as well. Wursta Security Services can provide you with a life-cycle approach to maintaining your security. On a frequest basis, to meet your compliance needs, we provide security health checks throughout the year. We also track and assist your business with a roadmap that addresses the changes you need, when you need them.

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