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Finally, you can quickly and easily understand your domains G Suite data.

Understand your domain

G Suite Gmail Audit Tool

This tool takes the immense stockpile of data behind your domain’s emails and makes it easy to explore

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Quickly Explore

Want to know what happened to an email? What happened in delivery? Why was an email marked as spam?  Which recipients received a malicious email?

Quickly pull emails in your domain based on one of 12 characteristics, including the destination, source, and subject line.

Instant Insights

Easy to digest reports give you a quick to review and a comprehensive report of the spam, phishing, and suspicious emails present within your domain. Answer questions like:

  • Who is targeted most?
  • Has activity increased?
  • Where are attacks originating?
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Focused Details

Understanding how data is shared within and outside your organization is important in protecting your intellectual property. Know not now only who, but what, when, and where data is flowing at a glance.

G Suite Drive Audit Tool

Coming Soon!